Our Partners


In its commitment to quality and achieving its objectives, Portel sets up commercial agreements with the finest partners in the information and communications technologies industry, these partners enabling Portel to attain top results for the products and services it provides.



Psion, now part of Motorola Solutions, is a leader in delivering innovative, robust mobile computing solutions. Psion provides us with the most ideal hardware systems for working with the mobile Nauta and SAGE applications.


One of the leading Spanish companies in the field of engineering, development and construction of infrastructures, renewable energies and new technologies projects


This American multinational is engaged in the development, manufacture, licensing and production of computer software and hardware, specifically being Portel's authorized partner for the development and marketing of its Dynamics NAV products.

Tangram BPM

Tangram BPM came into being out of an alliance among Yaco, Mimacom and eXperience with one same view: developing open source Electronic Business Management Process platforms.

Telefónica Soluciones

The leading communications operator in Spain plus having a major presence internationally provides the means necessary for Portel to provide the finest corporate communications services as a Virtual Mobile Operator.