International Presence



One of Portel's top-priority objectives is its internationalization by contributing solutions and experience achieved both on the Spanish market and by taking part in R+D+i projects at the European level. Portel has set as its top-priority markets – in addition to the European market proper – the markets of South America and Africa, where different projects have already been carried out.

Single Window for Morocco's National Port Agency


• A pioneering project at the Moroccan Ministry of Transportation, focusing on the port management processes necessary for the entry of ships and goods into Moroccan ports. The main objectives revolve around digitizing processes and also bettering and cutting the lengths of time in which the goods are processed through the port and Customs facilities, involving the entire port community.


• Within its technical scope, this project is being carried out in a Joint Venture between the INDRA Company and PORTEL, in which INDRA is managing the hardware architecture and the messaging engine, and PORTEL is taking care of the software analysis and development side. The consulting was done jointly.




Systems for the integral management of the Mac Guinea, S.A company in Equatorial Guinea.


• This Project entails the very first implementation of management systems for the private sectors which Portel is carrying out on the African continent. The prime objective is to outfit the Spanish company Mac Guinea with the systems necessary to manage its ship and goods consignment business and the stevedoring work it does at its terminal at the Port of Malabo and its terminal at the Port of Bata.


• To accomplish this objective, consulting is being done in order to determine the needs, and three systems – Termes, Fenice and MS Dynamics NAV – are being implemented at both of these ports to respectively manage the stevedoring, consignment and financial division activities.




Engineering Supervisory of the National SafeSeaNet System (OPPE - EMSA)


• A project of a European scope, in which work is being done on the management, development and operation of a system designed for sending and receiving port information from the Spanish system to all of the other European Union countries for the purpose of consolidating European information regarding ship safety at sea.


• The aforementioned project, based on the European and Spanish legislation currently in effect, enables Portel to carry out continuing consulting and technical assistance work for Spain's National Ports and Harbors Authority by providing direct support in all of the international management processes which have to do with the SafeSeaNet information interchange system.





The MARNIS (Maritime Navigation and Information Services) Project


• The MARNIS (Maritime Navigation and Information Services) Project carried out as part of the 6th European Union Framework Program. The objective of this project is to develop the "e-Maritime" concept for the purpose of heightening the efficiency and reliability of maritime transport, as well as for improving the safety and protection of the environment as a result thereof.


• The MARNIS project revolves around improving data interchange for providing infrastructure management and services carried out on the part of the governmental authorities and on the part of the players involved in maritime traffic so as to facilitate the process of ships sailing in and out of Europe's ports.





Studies for Facilitating Peru's Foreign Trade (MINCETUR)


• Conducting a number of studies specific to the transport and logistics industry aimed at improving the maritime-port and logistics industry processes.


•  This project is funded by the European Union as part of the EuropeAid program and is headed by the Peruvian Government Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) with the EU-Peru/Penx cooperation program for facilitating Peru's foreign trade.