Aena and Portel present the VELLORE CCS platform at the Foro MADCargo

At this meeting, the president of Foro MADCargo, Jesús Cuéllar, encouraged to know and use the platform since, after years demanding the promotion of digitisation in the field of air cargo through a CCS, VELLORE CCS is already a reality.

At the presentation, A. Gonzalez explained that the project is now in the operation, maintenance, commercialisation and support phase. Since the application is fully operational in the functionalities included in the initial development (management of import documentation, management of docks and handling appointments and database management of drivers). For her part, A. Chamorro recalled that Aena is subsidising Vellore CCS usage fees by 100% until 31 August 2023 and by 60% until 31 August 2024.

Photo Diario del Puerto, from left to right: Alfonso González (Portel), Ana Chamorro (Aena) and Jesús Cuellar (Foro MADCargo).