Great reception and success of the Paperless Clearance Service implemented by Portel in the Spanish Ports

In recent months, several Spanish Port Authorities have shown great interest in implementing, in both Import and Export, the Paperless Clearance Service developed by PORTEL LOGISTIC TECHNOLOGIES, the leading company in technological solutions for the port sector.

It should be recalled that the main objective of this platform is to expedite the exit of goods from the customs area. Although the purpose of both services is Paperless Clearance, the processes are very different from each other. In export, customs control is done when the stowage of the vessel’s cargo is carried out, while in import, the control is done when the cargo exits the port area.

Much of the interest on the part of the Port Authorities in the implementation of the Paperless Clearance Service when it comes to Import, lies in the integration in the platform of Terminals, Stevedoring Companies and Public Scales to streamline the processes of cargo control within the port and customs area.

This way, through the unification of the Import and Export Paperless Clearance with other services already integrated in the Port Authorities, they will benefit from greater efficiency within their port community. This is a digital solution developed by PORTEL that allows the elimination of the clearance copies and the physical boarding receipts, speeding up the procedures of the export and import processes, multiplying the efficiency of the port, and ultimately reducing the time of the processes in a significant way. It is important to indicate that, in the Paperless Clearance Service process related to both Export and Import, there is a great exchange of information between the different agents involved, i.e. shipping agents, consignees, the port examiner and the terminal, thus creating a flow of information that allows them to efficiently exploit all the data that arise during the Import and Export Paperless Clearance.

The Paperless Clearance Service in its Import and / or Export versions has already been implemented in the Port Authorities of Castellón, Alicante, Tarragona, Almería, Santander, Ferrol and Vigo. The last port to implement the service, on this occasion in the Export area, is the Marín Port Authority. In addition, as PORTEL’s service has been implemented in the different Port Authorities, several functionalities have been incorporated into the Paperless Clearance, in accordance with the casuistry of each Port Authority.

The purpose of PORTEL is not only to satisfy the Paperless Clearance Service, but also to integrate other functionalities related to both export and import in the customs area. “The operations of all the agents involved in the Paperless Clearance process, regarding both import and export, will be faster and more streamlined, optimizing customs controls, but in a computerized manner and in real time”, explains Daniel Merino from the sales department of PORTEL.

Ultimately, reviewing of all these results, there are now eight Port Authorities that provide their community with the Paperless Clearance Service developed by PORTEL LOGISTIC TECHNOLOGIES.