GTD strengthens its position in the port sector with the pruchase of Portel

GTD Sistemas de Información, which is a leading company in technological solutions for highly critical sectors such as space, aeronautics and energy, has finalized the acquisition process of Portel Servicios Telemáticos, the ICT solutions company for the ports sector. Currently, GTD has had a 49% stake of Portel. The integration has been agreed following the purchase through Public Tender of the remaining 51% held by Puertos del Estado. 

“This is a strategic operation for GTD, since Portel is a reference company in the development of cutting-edge technological solutions for the Ports sector. It will allow us to position ourselves strongly in a new market.” mentioned by GTD Board Member Carlos Kinder. The management also highlights the opportunity for the company to move from public to private management. “With this integration, Portel will no longer be tied to administrative processes when making strategic decisions and planning for its future, so growth will not be limited.”.

Internacional expansion

One of the first strategic actions in this new phase for Portel will be the planning of its international expansion. The company is currently developing projects in West Africa, the Middle East and South America. “Our goal is to open new markets by designing and developing innovative and technologically groundbreaking solutions,” says Kinder.

In such a manner, Portel is in the development and implementation phase of a new generation of Single Window Services that is already operational in Morocco. “It is a solution that allows the digitalization of all formalities in Ports, thus putting an end to the use of physical paper for Customs Authorizations and guaranteeing total transparency and security in the administrative processes as well as in the passage of goods”, mentioned by GTD Manager.

Innovative Vocation

With this operation, GTD adds a leading company in the development of technological solutions for the port sector to its group. At organisational level, the company will create a new innovation department that will be responsible for developing innovative solutions based on the exchange of know-how between the two companies in their respective sectors. 

In fact, this exchange has already borne fruit with the implementation of a programme Airfreight Solution for air traffic management at airports in Barcelona and Madrid. . “This is an adaptation of the port management systems to the aeronautics sector developed by Portel and will be applied in the very short term in all Spanish airports and in other countries”, says Kinder.

In the picture from left to right: Mr. José Llorca Ortega (President of Puertos del Estado), Public Notary and Mr. Carlos Kinder (CEO GTD) at the time of signing.