IATA Announces e-AWB By Default From January 1, 2019

From January 1, 2019, the electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) will become the transport contract by default for all air cargo shipments of the usable trade routes. This key milestone for the industry introduces air cargo into a new era in which the digital processes will be the exception.

PORTEL Logistic Technologies, working towards process digitalization and anticipating the needs of the market, provides the users with their platform AIR FREIGHT SOLUTION (AFS). AFS is a comprehensive solution at the service of the whole air logistics community. It offers the possibility to produce and manage the delivery of the AWB, FHL, Transport order and shipping notification for the airlines, handling companies and carriers, respectively. The users will be able operate all of these documents electronically through an interface with their ERP or entering the data manually on the platform. PORTEL sends this information bidirectionally to the different actors who intervene in the air cargo process, such as forwarding agents, airlines, handling operators, carriers and customs. With AFS, the clients will be able to visualize the statuses received by the Airlines and Handling Operators.

It’s worth noting that today, AFS is one of the few platforms that offer the possibility to work with the transport order and the shipping notification for the handling company in an electronic format. In addition, Portel offers their clients a customized and specialized technical support service to resolve the incidents that may arise, as well as to clarify any doubts that they may have.
Among the objectives of AFS, is the possibility of introducing the first Cargo Community System in Spain. Furthermore, it reduces the operational costs of the forwarding companies: reducing management times, limiting displacements for document collection and delivery, eliminating paper, facilitating B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government) exchange.

On November 13, PORTEL attended as speaker at the conference on IATA’s Initiative eAWB360 held in the auditorium of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. At the event, PORTEL explained the company’s AFS tool to the attendees.