PORTEL attended TOC AMERICAS 2019 in Colombia

For the second consecutive year, PORTEL Logistic Technologies attended the TOC AMERICAS event held at the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center (CCCI) in Colombia October 29 to 31.

The event is a showcase for technology and port operations for port operators and their suppliers. PORTEL, as a technological company and service provider, joins this great exhibition to show its wide range of ICT solutions for ports and terminals that resort to modern solutions and asset management systems, becoming semi-automated in order to meet the requirements of the next generation. In addition, equipment, systems and solutions are increasingly connected, which means that the terminals have many simultaneous processes that require attention. Likewise, the new technologies and innovative ideas available at PORTEL can provide a drastic improvement in container terminal operations.

As part of its portfolio of technological products and services, PORTEL presented its Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) with the brand name “TERMES”, a solution for the integral management of maritime and railway terminals, intended for both container traffic and for multipurpose terminals (general cargo, RoRo traffic, bulks, refrigerated goods, etc.). Along the same lines, it’s important to note that the “TERMES” application is a platform that integrates the functionalities of the Port Community Systems, meeting the needs of port terminals with a configuration adapted to the management model of most of the ports of the American continent.

PORTEL is currently in a phase of international expansion with Latin America and Africa as the main objectives. After the successful attendance in the past TOC Americas held in Panama, PORTEL intends to continue approaching ports and terminals of Central and South America presenting ICT solutions for maritime-port management. It should be pointed out that the ICT company has already made its first efforts towards terminals in countries like Colombia, Peru or Chile. In order to expand its market, PORTEL will not cease to grow and work to establish new business relationships around one of the common denominators of the event:  the automation and digitisation of the container supply chain.

Ultimately, the presence at TOC AMERICAS 2019 is a new approach to American ports and terminals that are in constant technological evolution.