PORTEL disembarks in Morocco with the digitalization of passenger management systems in maritime ports

PORTEL (Grupo GTD), leading company in technology solutions for the port sector, will be responsible for the digitalization of the verification and management system for passenger boarding at the port of Tangier, having won the public tender issued by the city’s port authority. The one-and-a-half-year contract represents the entry of PORTEL in Morocco with passenger management systems.

For the Tangier project, PORTEL will implement new versions of innovative systems that are already operational in various Spanish ports, like the Nauta program, which allows the registration of boarding passes as well as the generation of files with passenger information that are sent to the shipping companies, port authorities and Directorate-General of the Merchant Marine, or the SAGE system, which generates boarding passes at check-in stations, in addition to controlling and organizing passenger and vehicle transit entering and exiting the port. These solutions have been implemented in ports like Algeciras, Ceuta, Almeria or Malaga, handling over 7 million travelers every year.

The objective of the system is to digitalize and streamline the monitoring and control of the passenger and vehicle transit of the port of Tangier.

A key market

After winning the tender for the boarding management of the port of Tangier, PORTEL proposes new actions in order to grow within the Moroccan market. With this objective in mind, the company’s CEO, Jorge Torrent, went to Casablanca with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce to contact technology companies, official entities and agencies of the Kingdom of Morocco and generate new business opportunities.

The visit to Morocco also provided the opportunity to review the last years that PortNet S.A. has been operating in the port of Casablanca. This Single Window system is pioneer in the digitalization of port management for the entry of ships and cargo, and it’s used by more than 35.000 import and export companies. The director of customs in the Casablanca-Settat region, Hassan Moutrabratine, expressed his “satisfaction with the progresses made on the platform over the last few months” and showed interest in the extension of the software towards new traffic management areas, both maritime and air and land-based. The PortNet project in Casablanca has been the entry point for PORTEL and the GTD Group to other African countries, like the Congo, where similar software solutions have been applied.

The meeting between PORTEL and PortNet also served as an opportunity to define the action plan for the years 2019 and 2020. “The projects in Tangier and Casablanca are strategical for the international expansion of Portel in markets as important for the port sector as Africa and the Maghreb. These actions should be an entry point to bring our products and services to other countries in these areas”, said Torrent.

MADRID. October 19, 2018