Portel implements passenger information system INFOPAX (Ceuta Port Authority)

Portel, in its eagerness to contribute to the development and innovation of Information Systems applied to Maritime Ports, has implemented an INFOPAX Passenger Information System in the Port Authority of Ceuta, a port that is permanently committed to innovation and technology.

This system, which has contributed to Operation 2016 (OPE 2016) in the Strait of Gibraltar during the summer months, has ended up being a success in the organization of the large influx of vehicles and passengers between the ports of Algeciras and Ceuta, substantially improving the information to transit users.

Thanks to INFOPAX system, during the OPE 2016, passengers were able to view information about their trips on Baleària, FRS, and Trasmediterranea, between Ceuta and Algeciras, in real time on different screens at Ceuta Maritime Port.

Similarly, it is possible to access information about schedules of ships on the Port Authority Website. The system also shows updated information on the positioning of the vessel in its trajectory, as well as other information of interest related to the Weather Forecasts in the Strait (temperature, wind force, waves). All of these possibilities have led to an improvement in the services provided by the Port Authority, making it more transparent, easier and more convenient for travelers on the sea route between Ceuta and the Peninsula.

Traditionally, Portel has focused its specialized software on the developing activities and business for companies and organizations in the Maritime Port Sector. Opening this new line of business of applications aimed at improving services for end users, in this case, for passengers using the facilities of Port Authorities.

Portel takes an important and innovative step in its activity to meet the demand of the Port Authorities that require to raise the quality of their services to the users.