The TPMA Terminal (Terminaux Polyvalents de la Mauritanie), from SEA&PORTS Group, one of PORTEL’s strategic partners in Western Africa, has chosen PORTEL as its system for managing its ship and cargo forwarding business, as well as for stowage work to be carried out at its terminal in the Autonomous Port of Nouadhibou, Mauritania.

In particular, SEA&PORTS has relied on PORTEL’s TOS (Terminal Operating System) solution for its terminal in Mauritania, whose trade name is TERMES, a solution for the integrated management of maritime and rail terminals, both for container traffic and for multipurpose terminals (general cargo, RoRo traffic, bulk or refrigerated).

TERMES application is a platform that can easily be integrated with PCS (Port Community System) functionalities, a solution with future projection for the Autonomous Port of Nouadhibou.

SEA&PORTS has been working with PORTEL for several years, since it started operating in the ports of Malabo and Bata in Equatorial Guinea in 2011 with the above-mentioned management system.

Following the same vision of recent years, PORTEL continues with its strategy of implementing its systems on the African continent, this time at the Autonomous Port of Nouadhibou (Mauritania). PORTEL has an important presence in West Africa, specifically in countries such as Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo or Mauritania, among others.

In this regard, PORTEL AFRICA, PORTEL’s central office in Casablanca (Morocco), plays a strategic role in the implementation and monitoring of projects in West Africa, being a key element in the expansion of PORTEL’s services and products in the region, as it is an area that offers new business opportunities.