Portel Logistic Technologies attends the 7th Edition of the International Conference on Single Window in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Continuing with its internationalization strategy for Central and West Africa, Portel Logistic Technologies, Spanish leading ICT solutions company for port and logistics operations, went to Yaoundé, Cameroon, in order to attend the “7th Edition of the International Conference on Single Window” that took place between September 17 and 19.

The main motto of the event is to implement the potential of electronic commerce and, at the same time, optimize the international logistics chain of landlocked countries. Furthermore, the event will revolve around the facilitation of international trade where the priority is to reduce time and cost of cross-border transactions.

One of PORTEL’s areas of expertise is Single Windows (one stop shop). It is, among others, one of the reasons why the presence of the company is essential, since it is an event that will bring together different national and international actors, as well as cross-border trade experts, to participate in a “brainstorming” on the concept of Single Windows.

PORTEL has managed to dematerialize the maritime-port sector in Spain, starting with the implementation the Maritime Single Window systems in their beginning, until more recently, their Port Community System (PCS).

Thanks to PORTEL’s know-how and extensive experience in single window projects, such as the PortNet project in Morocco, the presence of the technology company in the Yaoundé event is more than justified, since the objective is to show the more than 5.000 attendees, according to the organizer’s own sources, the contribution of the single windows to the improvement of the business climate and the competitiveness of companies; and highlight the progress made by PORTEL and share their experiences internationally.

PORTEL’s interest in expanding its wide range of products and services to other continents does not cease to grow, which is why the ICT solutions company plans to assist the next TOC AMERICAS, held in Cartagena, Colombia, between October 29 and 30, where they will present the latest innovations in maritime-port industry technologies.

Ultimately, the intention of PORTEL attending this type of event is to position the company at an international level, in this case in Central and Western Africa through its subsidiary Portel Africa, based in Casablanca, Morocco.