Portel Logistic Technologies debuted at Transport Logistic Munich as a part of its international expansion strategy

Portel Logistic Technologies participated for the first time as an exhibitor at Transport Logistic in Munich June 4 to 7, putting the focus on its internationalization strategy. It is the most global industrial event in Europe and the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management. Transport Logistic plays an essential role, since it is a great international exhibition of the logistics and transport sector.

On this occasion, the delegation of Portel composed by Daniel Merino, Commercial Director, Sandra Mena, head of the commercial department and Moussa Raiss, sales agent at Portel, represented the company at the exhibition stand of the München Messe in Munich, which offered a unique opportunity to strengthen new business relationships that cover all areas of the maritime and airport logistics chain.

Thanks to its portfolio of highly specialized solutions, PORTEL, leader in the ICT sector of the port industry, presented its products and services at TL Munich, where they were also able to inform about the latest innovations in products and services aimed at an activity that carries the worldwide trade. As a great sectoral showcase, Transport Logistic represents, among others, the maritime transport through the participation of the main ports and shipping companies in the world.

After the successful participation in the past TOC Americas held in Panama in November last year, the intention is to further approach the Ports and Terminals of Central and South America presenting ICT solutions for maritime-port management. For this reason, PORTEL wished to participate in TL Munich, with the purpose of building new relationships in line with its international expansion strategy, where Latin America and Africa represent its main objective, along with potential projects in the rest of the world, (Europe, Asia, etc.).

It is important to note that, in recent months, PORTEL has attended several logistics and transport events, especially at an international level. Among others, they attended “Logistic Talks 2019”, organized by BCL (Barcelona Centre Logistic), which took place last April in Barcelona. Internationally, PORTEL attended the 25th Edition of the International Fair of Logistics, Freight Transport and Foreign Trade, Intermodal South America and the 8th Edition of Logismed 2019, the International Transport and Logistics Fair in Casablanca for the African continent and the Mediterranean, in Brazil and Morocco, respectively.

PORTEL also attended the event Port Management of West and Central Africa (PMAWCA) in Lomé (Togo) June 17 to 20, which gathered more than 20 Central and West African Port Authorities.

Overall, and due to the attendance of Portel Logistic Technologies at Transport Logistic in Munich, the company is committed to reaching new agreements and analyzing the opportunities that have been forged during the event.