Portel meets in Malabo with the Port Administration and the Equatorial Guinea Maritime Shippers’ Council.

In the meeting with the Ports and Merchant Marine Administration, he had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Bernardino Edu Oba Abeme, technical director of the Malabo Port Administration and Mr. Mauricio Ela Nsue Mokuy, from the Presidency Office, to continue the collaboration agreement between Portel and the Guinean Administration for the digitalisation of its ports.

The meeting with the Maritime Shippers’ Council was attended by Mr. Mauricio Ela Nsue Mokuy from the Office of the Presidency of the Ports Administration; and on behalf of the Maritime Shippers’ Council, its Director General, Mrs. María Jesús Ada Obiang Mangue, and Mr. Diosdado Isinguzo Muatetema attended. The purpose of this meeting was to establish a commercial relationship with this organisation in order to provide it with the technological management tools that will speed up, secure and facilitate its work.