Portel opens a new stage for growth and innovation

Since last February, changes have taken place inside Portel since last February when it ceased being controlled by a public company and became part of GTD, a private company that is leader in technological developments for the aeronautical sector.

The change has been a strategic operation for both parties. On the one hand, GTD has been able to offer its leading position in technology and innovation, and on the other hand, Portel has been able to contribute its know-how and experience in the port sector for more than two decades. According to Jorge Torrent, CEO of the company, one of the most important aspects of this new stage is “the move from being managed under a Public Entity to being managed by a Private or Non-public Entity, and going through to what they really stand for. It is important to point out that Portel has stopped being under all kinds of administrative requirements, with all the limitations that they entail. From now on, it will allow us to orient our endeavour to the service of our clients, and at the same time focus on the growth of our company.”

Worldwide Expansion and Innovation

This growth is reflected on a renewed strategy of the company’s international expansion. Portel is currently developing projects in West Africa, the Middle East and South America, but, according to Torrent, “We want to grow due to the development of innovative and cutting-edge technological projects”.

An example of this technological profile is the development of a new generation of Single Window, which is already operational in Morocco with 30,000 users. “It is a model for good performance, transparency and technological innovation that has been regarded as relevant by institutions such as the UN”.

This system means the absolute digitalization of all port documents in which paper will no longer be in use for all types of commercial transactions inside the Customs Authorities. It will lead to absolute transparency and security in all formalities”. In terms of security, Single Window will lower or entirely eliminate the possibility for any unauthorised goods to pass through.

Beyond the Port Sector

Another contribution of the new stage is that it allows the company to have a broader vision on the applications of its software. In fact, Portel Management Systems for Ports have been adapted for Air traffic and are already applied in managing Freight traffic at airports of Madrid and Barcelona. Moreover, they will soon be implemented in other International Terminals. Such events thereby show how Portel know-how and experience are being applied to new and innovative products and services.

Finally, Portel has launched a new brand image and web design, which are more modern and in line with the company’s ambitious objectives.