Portel participates in the E-Freight BCN Project

E-Freight BCN aims to be a Cargo Community System (CCS), similar to what is known in Maritime as PCS.

The project consists of developing and setting up a group of functionalities related to the Departure of Goods by air and others related to the Arrival of Goods by air into operation.

The purpose of e-Freight BCN project is to integrate all the transactions associated with air cargo carried out at Barcelona Airport involving main agents of air cargo processing in a single digital platform:

The ultimate goal is a paperless system.

Given the complexity of the final objective, the total functionality has been distributed in consecutive phases:

During March 2015, pilot tests were carried out on the Outbound Process of Goods by Air, involving real agents who satisfactorily tested the validity and usability of the systems designed.

Part of the development of the e-Freight BCN Platform has been funded with the grant from the Ministry of Industry for Groups of Innovative Companies in its 2014 Call.