PORTEL partners with IAG Cargo

The project, which culminated successfully with the implementation of the Export and Import modules, improves the basic performance of the solution through the incorporation of a module capable of automatically processing messages in standard IATA format, transforming them into the necessary messages for customs and vice versa, applying business rules to automate processes and complete missing information, and/or to schedule shipments respecting the minimum times required in each case.

Teams from both companies, from both the business and IT sides, have worked together to achieve a successful implementation. With this project, IAG Cargo takes another step forward in the modernisation of its solutions that will allow it to continue to be a leader in its sector, opting, moreover, to use the applications in 24×7 service mode from Portel’s datacenter, and automating the generation of information for customs in practically 100% of shipments, which no longer require manual input by users, but instead can be done in an unassisted manner.

Alfonso González. Portel Innovation Director: This project has allowed us to extend the functions and automations of our Portel Handling product, which is already a benchmark in its market segment. Based on IAG Cargo’s leadership in the air cargo sector, together with the knowledge and commitment of its staff, we have managed to take this solution to the level required for the diversity and volume of operations that are dealt with on a daily basis.

Angel Cabeza. IAG Cargo Technology Change Manager: The new Portel Customs system covers all our needs to comply with Spanish Customs requirements in a simple and efficient way, and guarantees us continuous upgrading to easily adapt to new requirements, and during the project the change management has been very easy thanks to the continuous help and support of PORTEL and its team.

Portel Handling consists of modules for managing summary declarations, transit receipts, ENS, EXS, ETD, G5 and EAL, permanently adapted to the legislation in force at all times.