Portel presents the new service for supplying ships at ASOCELPA headquarters in Las Palmas

Last Thursday, October 27th, Portel presented the new service of Provisions to Ships in ASOCELPA’s headquarters in Las Palmas. The system allows facilitating and automating the uploading of customs information of provisions to incorporate in Cargo Manifest Declaration.

The new service is open to all Consignees operating in different ports of the Port Authority of Las Palmas, thus allowing unification of communications among different agents, in this case, mainly suppliers and consignees.

In such a way, Portel, which has been collaborating for years as a technology supplier, contributes to achieving the objective of the Port Authority in optimising its resources and facilities. It thereby allows its services to companies in its ports to become more agile.

In addition, this new service complements and integrates Portel CARDES Application, which has been helping consignee companies for years in the generation of Temporary Storage Summary Declarations and Cargo Manifests, as well as the electronic exchange with the corresponding Port Authorities and the Tax Agencies.

* In the photo: Presentation of Portel at ASOCELPA headquarters, Las Palmas.