Portel reaffirms its bet on innovation within the sector with the Port of Sevilla

The Port Authority of Sevilla (Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla – APS) has awarded Portel Logistic Technologies, SAU, the contract for “Airis-PS-PH2 action aimed at carrying out study of advanced and complete standard RIS implementation in the Port of Seville, with pilots to verify feasibility of solutions and evaluate impact. Phase 2“.
The general objective of the project is to make the Port of Sevilla into a reference logistic node for intermodal transport. During its execution, the aim is to implement solutions that make the most of the capacity of the waterway, as well as the technological adaptation and digitization of key elements. All this, with the aim of transforming the current Port of Sevilla into a new technological port of international reference through innovative solutions, based on Internet of Things (IoT) tools and intelligent transport systems (ITS), within the reference model ports 4.0., which will serve to manage the river.
For a successful implementation, Portel counts among its most outstanding collaborators and developers, with companies widely and internationally recognized as in-innovative navigation GmbH, which has numerous innovative navigation systems that have been successfully in operation for several years and in the most demanding worldwide scenarios. Also, it is worth mentioning the presence of the company FICODES, which has a vast experience in the FIWARE platform and its main technologies. It is worth noting the presence of a local partner to carry out the deployment of the communications and sensorization infrastructure of the estuary, such as the IDELTEC company.
The strategic and commercial importance of the Port of Sevilla is recognized not only at the national level but also by the European transport authorities, which have granted it the status of a basic port integrated into the Core Network, which in turn is part of the TEN- T (Trans-European Transport Network).