Portel receives Gold Start of the Institute for Professional Excellence IEP

PORTEL has received Gold Star from the Institute for Professional Excellence IEP on September 2nd in recognition for its career pathe and commitment to excellence.

Its Managing Director, Jorge Torrent, has expressed his gratitude for the award and hopes to continue providing professional services to Portel clients with rigour and seriousness that has always distinguished PORTEL employees.

Every year, the Institute for Professional Excellence organizes Gold Star Awards to best companies and professionals in Spain. The recognition is given to companies that are capable of innovating and promoting economic good and social development, with a philosophy oriented towards Total Quality in all their actions, presenting positive trends with a commitment to continuous improvement and always respecting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Jorge Torrent, Director of PORTEL, receives the award.

These awards are aimed at professionals from all sectors within our country who meet the requirements above. The companies and professionals that receive this Award become a model and reference in their sector both nationally and internationally.

It is an important certificate in the professional career of people and a seal that reflects ethics, professionalism and results in the company.


Portel was founded in 1995. It is a company in which Puertos del Estado (Government Entity) and GTD (technology company) have a stake.

Portel designs, develops, installs and operates all types of information and communication systems for the sector of transportation and maritime ports. Among others, Portel has implemented the single window system for Hazardous Materials in maritime traffic.

Portel Headquarters is in Madrid (Spain) and there are delegations in Tarragona, Algeciras, Casablanca and Barcelona.