PORTEL receives the European Medal for Work Merit

The award is granted by the European Association or Economy and Competitiveness to acknowledge the entrepreneurship of the companies and professionals who have promoted the country´s economic development, within the European framework.
In this edition, The Gold Medal for Work Merit especially emphasizes the entities and companies committed to R+D+i in areas from energy development and ICT to companies that provide original solutions when it comes to environmental protection. Enrique Jiménez Casañ, PORTEL’s Finance and Human Resources Director, has received this award while the company has been described as a “reference in the development and implementation of ICT solutions in the port industry and in maritime transport”. Enrique Jiménez Casañ joined PORTEL five years ago, bringing extensive experience from the advertising and media sector. He is an economist with almost three decades of experience who teaches at the University of Alcalá de Henares.

As we explained recently, PORTEL In Depth: Managing Talent And Building Valuable Relationships, one of the keys of his activity in the company is talent management, meaning that, from his position, he tries to “motivate and train the employees on a daily basis”. This award acknowledges the effort of his whole team, which impacts on the success of the whole company.
The Medal was granted during a ceremony held this past November 16. The event was presented by the journalist Santiago Acosta and was attended by the president of the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness, José Luis Barceló, among other figures from the economic and financial sector.