Portel will process Air Cargo Electronic Shipments for CACESA

Portel grows in the Air Sector after reaching an agreement with CACESA, in which it will be in charge of processing information for IAG Group’s freight forwarder. It will account for its relevant growth in the Air Freight Sector. With such alliance, Grupo GTD will be in control of more than 12 percent of e-freight shipments in the Spanish market with ‘Air Freight’ solution.

Portel has grown in the air sector after signing an agreement with Cacesa. The GTD group of companies, specialized in TIC port software, will be responsible for processing Cacesa electronic shipments using its ‘AirFreight’ solution.This tool eliminates paper in processing documents and minimizes errors through a Single Window system. It speeds up the exchange of information between the players involved in the process. After the agreement with Cacesa, a company that manages the majority of the goods transported by IAG group in Spain and Latin America, and providing forwarding services to other International Airlines, Portel has become in control of more than 12 percent of e-freight shipments in the Spanish market. This is the first step in Portel’s plan to implement ‘AirFreight’, since it intends to include this technological tool in most major Spanish airports so as to manage 80 percent of electronic air cargo transmissions in the country within three years. The e-freight project, promoted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 2006, enhances digitization of the industry with paperless processing to improve security and minimize waiting time in the Air cargo sector.