Second year for PortNet II: The IT Service Centre reaches cruising speed

PortNet, a pioneer project that is focused on Port Management for the entry of ships and merchandise to the Moroccan Ports, faces its second unstoppable year. It is a new generation of Single Window for Foreign Trade. PortNet is the most advanced technology in the world and it is recognized by the United Nations for its excellence.

One of the special features that differs PortNet Single Window from other systems is its capability of going beyond the known limits of operation. Furthermore, it also offers services to the end user. Importers and exporters can now benefit from a system that improves logistics processing and reduces the time it takes to manage goods at Port and Customs offices. The success of this project is guaranteed by almost 35,000 companies that are already connected to the system.

PORTEL, which won the contract for the exclusive management and operation of this platform in 2016, is already incorporating new functionalities and innovative concepts to the system. A revolutionary new model that will integrate air transport on Single Window is being developed this year. It will transform user experience and will continue simplification, harmonization and digitalization of procedures.

First Achieved Success

GTD-Portel Group won the tender for managing PortNet National Single Window in 2016. It competed against the largest international companies in the sector. One of the reasons that PORTEL stood out in the award process was its functional and technological knowledge in this type of projects. Moreover, in this new challenge, Portel counts on the support of its stakeholder GTD, a company that is specialized in sectors of critical software such as aerospace or defence.

Considering its first year of Management, PORTEL has enabled PortNet IT Service Centre (CdS, Casablanca) to conceive its new software architecture and implement new functionalities and complementary systems. Through this platform, PortNet’s CdS brings public and private partners together and covers all import and export operations in Morocco (including air transport, ports, railways and road). This is undoubtedly a pioneer model in Africa for completing value chain integration.

More transparency, less paper

This is a fundamental step towards the initiative of e-Gov Morocco. It aims to bring constituents, citizens and administrations together in a paperless environment, combining efficiency and transparency.

After the first year of PortNet management, it has already begun harvesting its fruit in terms of productivity, quality, time to market, and team motivation. This gives the project an unstoppable inertia that allows PORTEL to continue with its process of reengineering and systems architecture, and comply with the most demanding standards of security and cyber security in Morocco.