TELEIMO: new platform for request and notification of dangerous goods of the Algeciras Bay Port Authority developed by Portel Logistic Technologies

On May 8, 2019, TELEIMO, a web application developed by Portel Logistic Technologies for the management of dangerous goods (hereinafter DDGG) in the port of Algeciras Bay (hereinafter APBA), was presented.

TELEIMO is the tool established as the technical and communication means that the APBA puts at the disposal of its clients / users to process and manage the requests for entry or exit of dangerous goods in the Port as well as the entry and exit declarations. This is intended to comply with the applicable legislation both at national and European level on information related to DDGG.

With the implementation of TELEIMO, the APBA promotes its WEB platform for services to the port community called TELEPORT, providing it with more and better services for the port community of Algeciras. The new DDGG module adds facilities to TELEPORT to carry out the procedures related to the DDGG before the APBA and the Maritime Captaincy telematically. One of the advantages for the users lies in the possibility of incorporating files, thus avoiding the manual entry of certain data.

After a period of training for all the agents involved in the process, it is expected that TELEIMO will be implemented in the end of May.