The consortium formed by GTD, Portel and Portel Maroc develops the future of it serices for Portnet Marocco

Currently, GTD has announced that a contract with PORTNET S.A has been awarded in order to assist Project Management and implementation of IT Service Center for PORTNET S.A.

Who is PORTNET S.A. and what is its mission?

PortNet was founded in 2008 by the National Ports Agency with the objective to create a designated project entity in which all agencies for International Trade could participate. Since its founding in 2012, PORTNET S.A. has been in charge of implementing the Single Administration Document to facilitate all administrative processing for ports and trading (ports, airports, private customs warehouses, banks, handling operators, shipping agents, importers and exporters, transporters, etc.).

PORTNET S.A., as a national service company for foreign trade operations and in collaboration with all interested parties, ports and foreign trade communities, aims to act as a lever to improve competitivity of economic operators and in the economy of Morocco.

PortNet platform has more than 22,725 customers with more than 26,480 users.

PORTNET IT Central Services

The aim of the PORTNET IT Central Services is to become a fully autonomous entity with resources and means to fully manage PortNet Information Systems and provide other IT services related to foreign trade ecosystem. The aim of the Central Services is to develop the next generation of Single Window PortNet platform and to offer PORTNET S.A. the technological means to ensure the evolution and maintenance of PortNet platform. It will also help PORTNET S.A. to achieve the strategic objectives set by the foreign trade community.

It will allow the management of data and document exchange within the scope of administrative procedures, logistical operations or electronic payments. The system is designed to facilitate foreign trade formalities through electronic exchange between various agents. The Central Services will connect public and private agents and will handle all Moroccan Commercial import/export operations (including air transport, ports, railways and road).

This is a fundamental step towards Morocco’s ‘e-GOV’ which aims to bring together constituents, citizens and administrations in a paperless platform, combining efficiency and transparency.

GTD and PORTEL, pioneers and leaders in trade facilitation and customs management solutions.

Since 1988, we have successfully delivered trade facilitation solutions to the Spanish State. We offer a wide range of foreign trade facilitation solutions, from designing and developing IT systems that provide a high degree of agility, to operating such systems.

Six years ago, PORTEL was awarded the first implementation of PORTNET, which is now fully operational. Currently, in collaboration with GTD, we will carry out the complete evolution of this critical system and will position it as one of the most modern Single Administrative Document (SAD’s) platforms in the world.

* In the first photo: GTD, together with Portel and Portel Morocco, has been assigned to support the expansion of PORTNET Single Administrative Document (SAD) for the next five years.