The Port Authority of Cartagena and PORTEL launch the digitalisation project “Cornelia”.

Since 2018, the year in which the APC launched the project for the documentation of Port Community processes, more than 80 meetings have been held with interlocutors from the different bodies that make up the Port Community. As a result of these sessions, a total of 12 processes were defined which cover the use of the Port in a transversal manner, the associated documents were unified and the flows and means of communication between them were unified.
Finally, the APC put out to tender the service of analysis, design, development, implementation and management of a new information system for the extension of services to the Port Community (Cornelia Project), and Portel Logistic Technologies was awarded the contract.

The contract will have a duration of 4 years, plus 2 years of extension and the implementation phase will be carried out in the first two years. During this time, automations and improvements will be implemented in the processes of port calls, tender management, berth reservations, port services, goods and passenger services, concessions, accreditations, inspections and other procedures.

The first step that will take place at the beginning of 2022 will be the implementation of the paperless release service for exports, which will mean greater agility in export processes. This will be the first of the rest of the services that PORTEL will be implementing and which will mean that the port community will end up enjoying an integrating platform that will provide greater efficiency to all the agents and to the port of Cartagena as a whole.

The Port Authority of Cartagena is in the midst of a digital transformation process to consolidate its position as a Port 4.0 (Smart Port), following the objective of Puertos del Estado, to progress in the optimisation of the systems and services provided through the automation of processes, data management and optimisation of the facilities.

The Cornelia project is included in the Immediate Action Plan which includes 50 actions comprised in 12 blocks of work lines divided into 5 blocks, and is endowed with 200 million euros, where one of its main axes is digitalisation with a budget of 5.8 million euros.