The PCS and the LSPE service implemented by Portel at the Marín Port Authority are put into operation

Once the testing period ended with positive results, customs, along with the Marín Port Authority, gave the green light for putting the export paperless clearance service (LSPE) for containers into operation. The chosen date for this start-up was January 14.
Since that date, all the consignees and terminalists are able to use, as the only means of notification to the Port Examiner, the loading orders through the software system without the need to provide a copy of the clearances or shipping receipts. This way, the procedures of the export process are streamlined.
The Port Authority of Marín has opted to unify the LSPE with many of its services in a PCS, providing greater efficiency to its port community. This PCS includes management of stop-overs and dangerous goods, cargo manifests and summary declarations of temporary storage, the LSPE service and the e-invoice portal.
This PCS establishes a solid base on which the Port Authority can include a variety of services that will allow the agile exploitation of the data, both for its users and for the port itself.
Including this one, there now are 7 Port Authorities that offer the LSPE service to their community and 10 that have implemented the PORTEL PCS.