The Port of Tarragona awards PORTEL the contract for Assistance and Technical Maintenance of the Access Control and Paperless Clearance System

The Port Authority of Tarragona (APT) has awarded Portel Logistic Technologies S.A.U., leading technology company in the development and implementation of ICT solutions in the maritime-port sector, the contract for “Technical assistance and maintenance of the access control and paperless clearance system of the Port Authority of Tarragona ”, with the best quality-price ratio and a contract duration of 24 months.

On the one hand, in regard to Access Control, the Port of Tarragona has technologically entrusted PORTEL to guarantee the highest levels of security without interfering with the activity and even creating the ideal setting for the flow and optimization of available resources. All this will optimize the overall telematic infrastructures and equipment necessary for the integrated management of the operation and protection of the Port, using the available communications, CCTV and access control technologies.

On the other hand, PORTEL’s Paperless Clearance solution will continue to provide the port with much more agility and control when it comes to the exit of goods from the customs premises. The integration of Terminals, Stevedoring Companies and Public Scales promotes efficiency in the control processes for the exit of goods from the premises (port and customs), as well as the registration in the Customs systems of the means of transport collecting goods subject to Paperless Clearance.

Thanks to this award, the Port Authority of Tarragona is once again relying on the services provided by PORTEL.

In addition to their headquarter in Madrid, in their Tarragona delegation PORTEL has valuable human capital formed by different professional profiles with extensive experience in the maritime-port sector. Thanks to this delegation, headed by its director, D. Santos Martínez Torres, PORTEL ensures a closer and more efficient service for the agents of the port community.