Who is behind PORTEL delegations in Tarragona and Algeciras?

The team behind developing ICT for the maritime-port sector is incredibly varied. In PORTEL, human capital is the base of its foundations: it is made up of different professionals that are highly specialized and extensively experienced in the port maritime industry. In addition to its headquarters in Madrid, PORTEL has branches in Tarragona and Algeciras so as to ensure closer services to its customers in the east and south of Spain.

Tarragona, pioneers in automation systems

PORTEL provides services to the Port Authority of Tarragona and its community of agents, 63 in total, which include consignees, terminals, customs agencies… Specifically, it has managed to position Tarragona Port as the first port to access its site and control the customs status of goods in fully automated manner.

The port of Tarragona has very diverse dynamics. The traffic is varied (bulk, containers, live animals, cruise liners). It manages large volumes of cargo in agri-food, chemical, hydrocarbons and vehicles. It also accommodates five regular shipping lines connected to five continents. All these particularities make it essential for PORTEL team in Tarragona to have 13 experts (not including collaborators) working in the local port authority.

The delegation is managed by Santos Martínez Torres, a consultant in logistics processes, expert in port and airport communities and with more than 20 years of experience in national and international logistics projects. The rest of the team is within the three large projects in which PORTEL is working on: Management and Operation of the Accreditation Centre for the Port; Technical operation of the ICT systems, and Port Community System Viaportus; Operations and Maintenance of Access and Exit Control Systems of goods to and from port premises.

Algeciras, fifty synchronized experts

It is the first port in terms of total freight traffic in the Mediterranean Sea that requires a perfectly synchronised and multidisciplinary team. Luis Fillol Cuadrado, the head of PORTEL delegation in Algeciras, is responsible for managing all services in both Algeciras and Tarifa Ports.

It is a team of more than 50 people exclusively dedicated to the proper performance of the site. The Management and Organization of Algeciras personnel also counts on the expertise of Alberto Garridoa, a member of PORTEL team who provides his experience in the Technical Support Department.

Similar to the port of Tarragona, the staff of PORTEL Algeciras is divided into different services (link): Technical support; Access management service, both for Algeciras and Tarifa; ticket verification service; Information point and Technical Office to perform Port Authority internal tasks.